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good morning, america. breaking now, brand-new fires burst across the west. erratic winds, spreading new firestorms from oregon to california right now. the dry, hot weather and lightning making it fierce on the fire lines. the vice president's son, beau biden hospitalized after an alarming finding on a family vacation. a growing medical mystery for the rising political star. and bad, joe biden, by his side this morning. real-life drama for dick van dyke. his car explodes into a fireball, seconds after he escapes thanks to a good samaritan. his thoughts this morning after he narrowly escaped. >> he yanked me out of the car. i was trying to call the dmv.
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america's first pooch got a little sister at the white house. the brand-new video of bo meeting his new puppy playmate. now, the world meets sunny obama, this morning. and good morning, everyone. boy, sunny is going to keep bo young out there at the white house, isn't she? they play around on the white house lawn yesterday. the first lady tweeting, she's so excited to introduce the newest member of the obama family. we're going to get to that. also, the latest on the crisis in egypt. tense discussions going on inside the american government, whether to cut off aid. martha raddatz is in cairo, live for us this morning. we want to get to details of a serious medical scare for the family of vice president joe
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biden. his son, beau, in a texas hospital for testing. and jim avila has the latest. >> reporter: a rare press release from the vice president's office overnight, about the health of the vice president's son, beau biden. his symptoms can be considered serious because of family medical history. he's had a stroke 3 1/2 years ago and his father had an aneurysm at age 45. this morning, the vice president's office says the younger biden is undergoing tests at an undisclosed hospital in houston. his famous father by his side. >> he's the father i've always known, the grandfather my children love and adore. >> reporter: the 44-year-old is more than just the vice president's son. the attorney general of his home state of delaware. and an iraq war veteran. he's seen as a rising star in the democratic party. mentioned as a future governor or to one day fill his father's old senate seat. >> first things first, make sure i focus on my family and focus on my job. >> reporter: but on wednesday, the father of two began
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suffering weakness. feeling disoriented while driving to a family vacation in inn. concerning symptoms, similar to ones three years ago, when he suffered a mild stroke. this time, at the first sign of trouble, biden traveled north to chicago's northwestern medical center. and the next day, on to the same philadelphia hospital where he was treated in 2010. he was later discharged and spent the weekend at his family home. this twitter picture shows him on the porch with the vice president. the white house is not releasing any details of beau biden's condition. saying only he's undergoing tests in houston. >> jim, thanks. let's get more from dr. richard besser. you don't think of someone this young being subject to a stroke. >> most people aren't. there's 700,000 strokes a year. 5% to 10% are people younger than 45. the causes are different. in old people, it's hardening of the arteries. in young people, the leading cause is don't know. it can be from a heart defect or
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torn arteries. >> what are the warning signs to watch for? >> the letters to remember are f.a.s.t. the f. is for face. facial group. the a. is for people to raise their arms. the "s" is for speech. and the "t" is for time. you have 4 1/2 hours to get to the hospital. >> you see the symptoms get to the hospital right away. jim pointed out, joe biden back in 1988, had a serious brain aneurysm. is this hereditary? >> it's a good question. if you have a relative who had an aneurysm, your risk of having one doubles. it's still small. but it doubles. that's clearly something they would be looking for in someone whose father had an aneurysm. let's get to the news. elizabeth vargas. josh nursing the bad back. >> i'm glad to fill in for josh. hope that back gets better soon. we begin with breaking details about the worst of the massive wildfires burning across the
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west. thunderstorms could cause flooding in the same area where 160-square miles has been scorched. on evacuation order in some resort communities there has been lifted. and residents are returning. crews are battling the fire from the air, along with 1,200 firefighters on the ground. meantime, some strong winds in oregon pushed another wildfire across nearly eight-square miles, forcing new evacuations. also breaking overnight, a massive fire at one of the largest metal recycling plants just outside new york city. heavy flames and smoke could be seen for miles in the early-morning sky. firefighters are battling it from air and from land. and with a fireboat, as they try to bring it under control. in los angeles, a deadly chain-reaction crash shut down all lanes of interstate 10 last night, one of the nation's busiest highways. traffic was backed up for miles, as crews worked to clear the scene in time for this morning's commute. an unruly passenger forced
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an air tran flight to make an emergency landing from memphis. it was heading from baltimore to austin, when a man tried to open two emergency exits mid flight. he was met by the fbi when the plane landed. and finally, an emt worker is being called a hero, while nearly dying while saving another man's life. joseph hardman was giving a man cpr following a heart attack, when he started having a heart attack himself. his partner rushed both men to the ambulance where they received stents. hardman's brockage is what doctors call the widowmaker artery. it's usually fatal. both patients are doing well. the paramedic started sweating and having pain. if he had not been with his partner and the ambulance at the ready, he would have died, they say. >> that's an incredible story. >> but he didn't stop giving cpr. hence the hero status. >> he wins. he wins.
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>> thanks, elizabeth. we're going to turn to the crisis in egypt. and america's response. while members of congress continue to debate whether to cut off u.s. aid to egypt, the military regime is escalating the crackdown by arresting a leader of the opposition. abc's martha raddatz is on the ground in cairo with all the latest. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. egyptian security forces overnight arrested the spiritual head of the muslim brotherhood, took him away. they have detained him. all the egyptian security forces wearing bulletproof vests. this is all of the muslim brotherhood leadership that's been arrested. this adds to the tension here, although, they have put in a replacement as the spiritual head right now. we are actually over tahrir square. it seems fairly calm here this morning. there's a few tents set up. fairly peaceful. we just don't know what's coming next. >> and talk about turnabouts. some reports that the former
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president, mubarak, who has been under arrest for much of the last year, might actually be released? >> reporter: there are a lot of headlines here this morning that he could be released. but there's so many legal maneuvers they would have to go through. it's seen as doubtful. even though headlines create tension, george. >> i would imagine so. and meanwhile, the united states saying for now, at least, they will not be suspending military aid to the government in egypt. >> reporter: that is right. they are not suspending it. they are still looking at it. meanwhile, saudi arabia is sending in billions of dollars. >> okay. martha raddatz, thanks very much. and to politics now. and a new decision from new jersey governor, chris christie, that could signal a white house run in 2016. an opponent of gay marriage, he signed a law banning therapy that tries to turn gay teenagers straight. it is the latest in a series of moves where he tries to stake out a middle ground on a very controversial issue. abc's gio benitez is here with
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more on this story. and good morning to you, gio. >> reporter: good morning, lara. some conservatives may call christie a traitor to the right. pundits suggest, this may be part of his plan, to show he is a republican who can govern in a democratic state. fresh outrages from voices on the right, to ban so-called gay conversion therapy for minors in new jersey. >> the american psychological association has said gay conversion therapy can lead to mental health issues. well, so can pornography. so can tv. >> reporter: christie cited concerns that the practice can be harmful to children. leading to depression or suicide. aides say christie was reluctant to sign a law telling parents what to do. but that he also doesn't endorse the therapy. >> chris christie understands something very important in politics. 2013 comes before 2016. he has to win re-election in very blue new jersey before he can think about running for
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president. >> reporter: the decision, seen by some, as part of the governor's political tight rope act, while christie does not support gay marriage -- >> my view, my position is, that marriage should be between one man and one woman. >> reporter: he said this in a 2011 2 2011 cnn interview. >> i have always believed that people are born with the predisposition to be homosexual. if someone is born that way, it's very difficult to say then that that's a sin. >> reporter: and remember what he said about president obama in 2011? >> we've had a president who doesn't know how to lead. >> reporter: following superstorm sandy, an all-out bromance. >> i cannot thank the president enough for his personal concern and compassion. >> the chris christie brand is all about independence. a nonpartisan person who leads the state of new jersey as best he knows well. >> reporter: while the therapy is banned for minors, it's perfectly legal for adults.
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new jersey is the second state to ban it. california banned it last year. we're going to turn to dick van dyke and the tv legend's scary brush with death on an l.a. freeway. he was rescued from his sports car just in time. and abc's ryan owens has the alarming story. >> reporter: dick van dyke starred in the classic "chitty chitty bang bang," about a car that never stopped making strange noises. which is how the 87-year-old's real-life highway drama began. >> it started making a noise. i thought it had a flat. then, it started smoking. and it burned to a crisp. they yanked me out of the car. i was trying to call the dmv. >> reporter: the hollywood icon's brand-new jag exploded into a fireball. look at that. just after he managed to get out and on to the side of l.a.'s 101 freeway, with the help of a good samaritan. you feel lucky to be alive? >> absolutely. there was a fireman and a nurse
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and a cop just happened to be passing by. >> reporter: wow. >> someone's looking out for me. >> reporter: and why not? we've been looking at him for decades. from his iconic role in "mary poppins." ♪ to his years on the small screen. he and his wife wasted no time taking to social media to assure everyone he's perfectly okay. his wife posted video of his melted car on vine and tweeted, he's fine, thank god. his p.r. rep added, he was just headed to the dentist monday afternoon. one of america's favorite funnymen couldn't resist one last punch line about his beloved burned out jag. >> tell them i have a nice used car for sale. >> reporter: delivered with that trademark smile. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, los angeles. >> still has that comic side, right? >> look how great he looks at 87 years old. >> yeah. >> wow. >> there's the headline.
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dick van dyke has a great life. >> exactly. >> he said somebody's looking after me. looking after the car. they sure were. scary. glad he's all right. now, though, we must turn to a string of scary shark attacks in hawaii. two more in just the past week. and now, the latest victim is just 16 years old. abc's neal karlinsky has the story. >> reporter: 16-year-old jimmy napiahe is lucky to be sitting in the hospital this morning and he knows it. he was surfing his favorite spot on hawaii's big island, when a shark, eight to ten feet, attacked. >> he hit me so fast, i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: his friends were surfing alongside and couldn't believe what they were seeing. >> the shark came out by the leg. i was shaking already. it was so close to the shark attack. >> reporter: he suffered 30 deep cuts to his legs. but says he fought the shark. >> i got hit. and then, i got bit. and then, i started punching the
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shark. >> reporter: it was the second shark attack in less than a week in the popular vacation destination. 20-year-old jana lutteropp, in the midst of a three-week vacation was brutally attacked wednesday when snorkeling near maui. rick moore, a teacher from california risked his life swimming in blood-red water to rescuer. >> i'm dying. i'm going to die. and i kept saying to her, no, you're not. >> reporter: hawaii has recorded nine shark attacks this year. surprisingly, the numbers are not above average. and the surfers, despite all the warning signs, posted along hawaii's famous beaches, are back in the water today. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> i guess you -- that's a scary run. >> no thank you. happy news, now. the royal baby photos, the whole world's been waiting for them. the first pictures of prince george. this is a new generation of
7:15 am
royals. instead of staged and stodgy photos, relaxed snapshots with the family pets, taken by kate's father. abc's bianna golodryga has the story. >> reporter: they just may be the most anticipated family photos ever. these new snapshots of prince george, swaddled in a delicate white blanket, together with his proud parents, are on the cover of every british newspaper this morning. and are now rocketing across the internet. >> we're seeing something a little bit different. a little more intimate. and something we haven't seen before. >> reporter: perhaps most unique, this family photo was not snapped by world-famous photographers. but instead, by catherine's father, michael, taken in early august, in the garden of the middletons' family home in buckleberry. >> he's not a professional photographer. it wasn't taken with a professional camera. >> reporter: this is the first time for instance george has been seen publicly since leaving st. mary's hospital last month. a moment prince william talked about in a knew documentary for
7:16 am
cnn. >> they want to see george. any new parent knows, you're happy to show off your new child. and pretending he's the best ever. >> reporter: these knew photos are far less formal than when george's father was introduced in these official portraits in 1982. william and kate's cocker spaniel can be seen. >> a lot of people know, we have dogs and bringing a newborn. they take a little time to adapt. but they've been all right. he's been sobering around the house a bit. he's perfectly happy. >> what makes the images different to what's been done in the past, is a lack of formality. they're trying to put across they're a normal as family. as normal as possible. >> not even cute photos of baby george are controversy-free. there are royal watchers saying, this is too informal. but the photos are going to go down in history for years. i'm not one of them. i'm just reporting.
7:17 am
>> they were shooting into the light, too. >> i love that. it shows their one of the people. >> and having your dad take those first pictures, i think is really great. it says a lot about family. >> the first grandchild. >> right. >> it's just all babies look the same to me. they do. i'm sorry. and they're, like -- they all look the same. >> is it a prop? >> exceptionally cute. >> all very cute. >> all very cute. now, to a baby of a different kind. a new playmate for america's first dog. the obamas have adopted sunny to join bo at the white house. take a look. you're looking at the latest addition to the first family. the 1-year-old female portuguese water dog is full of energy and very affectionate. first lady michelle obama took to instagram, tweeting, so excited to introduce the newest member of the obama family, our puppy, sunny. president obama tweeted, as
7:18 am
well. saying welcome to the family, sunny. big brother, bo, a portuguese water dog joined the obamas in 2009. they are known for his life. taking part in the easter egg roll on the white house lawn. and enjoying his special place on the white house christmas card. no word yet on how bo, the first dog, feels about sharing the doghouse at the white house with sunny. but look at that footage of them romping, there's plenty of room at the white house. >> and being a pack. it's going to be good for him. let's get some weather. >> that pack is about 30 dogs. let's get to the boards. we'll start with what looks like an awful lot of lightning in the west. we've been tracking this. there's more than 13 -- 1,400 lightning strikes since last night. it's so dry in that area, that's touching off fires. we have six large fires in the last 24 hours in the west because of things like that. very dry conditions.
7:19 am
high winds. lightning strikes. when you see a low moving into the west, you're thinking, that's good news. and it is for the areas in blue, where there's plenty of rain falling in those areas. to the north, it's not rain. it's dry lightning strikes. and look at boise at 95 degrees again. we're going to talk about the soaking rain in the southeast. we can't get to it this half hour. but we will at 7:30.
7:20 am
good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. still a chance of a thunderstorm today and tomorrow, but a smaller chance than what we dealt with yesterday, and as long as that chance is out there, the fire danger continues. we'll have cooler highs as we head towards the weekend. here's your temperatures for today. mid to upper 60s along the coast into san francisco. mid-70s to 80 around the bay. we'll have some mid-80s in the south bay and near 90 in the east bay valleys. tonight, temperatures in the >> just to hit on some of the rain in the south. charleston, more than an inch of rain in 18 minutes. three inches of rain in an hour. >> okay, sam. thanks. coming up on "gma," the three oklahoma teenagers said they were bored so they went on a shooting spree. now arrested for gunning down a beloved college athlete. and he is the lead singer of the bond behind this smash hit. his scary abduction, frantic 911 call and what he's saying about it all now. and why the price may not be right for game show winners.
7:21 am
one contestant showing the cost of truly winning. lady gaga looked great yesterday. but what was she wearing? we're going to talk about it. before william hughes fought in vietnam... and john hughes jumped into normandy... and john anderson hughes served in world war i... and before robert hughes joined the spanish-american war, there were families connected to the belief that freedom was worth fighting for.
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7:25 am
expected to survive. no word on suspects or a motive for shooting. breaking news, united airlines flight from london to san francisco is being diverted. an incident forced the pilot to return to london's heathrow airport. a spokesperson at sfo says it's nonemergency due to mechanical issues. ghoul dpleyla gulen has the. >> grave injuries that occurred on auto mall parkway between a big rig that jumped the median and hit another vehicle. one person was transported to the trauma unit. westbound traffic is going to be shut down at fremont boulevard for the next two hours. you're going to want to use mission boulevard instead. er eric? >> thank y
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good morning. till 11:00 th
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♪ as long as i got my suit and tie ♪ there's justin timberlake. big album, blockbuster album of the year. and listening to "suit and tie" right now. here's the big question this morning, could he be headed to a reunion with 'n sync? that's where he started. >> good catch, george. >> and come right back, in a little bit. and then, we're going to go from one rock star to another. the lead singer of the popular band, the calling, caught up in a frightening abduction. what he's saying about the whole thing right now. it's bizarre and scary. >> a strange story. and so many people dream about winning big on game shows. now, one "price is right" winner reveals what you may not know about winning on television.
7:31 am
it's not all that it seems. i hate to burst your bubble. >> come on. >> come on down. >> let's go. it was a huge morning for us yesterday. i hope you enjoyed it, too. lady gaga was here, in that stunning white outfit. and when i shook her hands, and the gloves, i realized what it was made off. >> was it meat? >> it wasn't meat. >> i have one just like it, right? >> all of that ahead. we're going to switch some gears here. a senseless murder in oklahoma. three teenagers, the youngest is 15, have been arrested for shooting a college baseball star out for a jog. abc's alex perez has the shocking details. >> reporter: this morning, three oklahoma teenagers, ages 15, 16 and 17, are to be charged with first-degree murder, after investigators say they gunned down a college student in broad daylight. police say one of the suspects claimed, we were bored and had nothing to do. >> they witnessed the young man
7:32 am
run by on the street. chose him as a target. >> reporter: a random target. police say 22-year-old christopher lane was jogging in duncan, oklahoma, friday, when the teenage suspects allegedly drove by and opened fire, creating a panic in this tight-knit town. >> there were some people who saw him stagger across the road, go to a kneeling position and then collapse. >> reporter: the police chief describes the teenagers as loose canons on a mission to kill. authorities say they intended to kill at least one other person, even allegedly posting this cryptic message on social media. bang. two drops in two hours. but quick-thinking nearby business owners were able to help police nab the suspects. the star athlete, born in australia, was attending east central university in oklahoma, on a baseball scholarship. this morning, his teammates are devastated. minutes before the shooting, lane had left his girlfriend,
7:33 am
sarah harper's house. on her facebook page, more than 100 pictures of the couple and a touching tribute to lane. she writes, i lover you so much. from 2009 until forever. you will always be mine and in a very special and protected place in my heart. >> i'm really glad i got the four years with him. >> reporter: the couple had just returned from visiting lane's parents back in australia. on the field where lane first played ball, home plate is covered in flowers. >> he got up for all that. i had a call the next morning. >> i really lovely couple. >> reporter: a young man, they say, in his short life, accomplished more than any parent could ever wish. for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> what a heartbreaking story. let's bring in abc's chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams. heartbreaking and enraging, as well. these kids, 15, 16 and 17. will they be tried as adults?
7:34 am
>> i don't think there's any question they'll be tried as adults. in oklahoma, someone as young as 13 can be tried as an adult. 15, 16 and 17, and first-degree murder, i don't think there's any question. >> the authorities don't have all that much to go on expect the accounts of these teenagers. >> that's right. it's going to be important for them in the context of the investigation to get at least one of them to turn. and they're probably going to want to go for the person less culpab culpable. the person that didn't fire the shot. assuming that all three didn't fire shots, they'll probably try to get the younger one, if that was the person who didn't shot, to turn on the older ones. >> and offer some kind of leniency. >> it's not going to be a great deal in a case like this. but it will be some form of leniency. remember, death penalty won't be on the table here because the supreme court has ruled that minors can't face the death penalty. so, the prosecutors aren't going to be able to threaten them with the death penalty. but i think you're going to see
7:35 am
some sort of offer of a little leniency. >> no death penalty. but bottom line, they will be tried as adults. >> i don't think there's any question about that. >> thank you so much, dan. now, we turn to the bizarre abduction of a young rock star. the lead singer of the calling, claimed he was ambushed. thrown into a van, badly beaten, robbed and left for dead. linsey davis is here with the details. it's really a strange story. >> reporter: it is. good morning to you, lara. some called it suspicious, finding it too coincidental that the calling's lead singer would have a near-death encounter hours before his band announced a new comeback effort. but alex band said he didn't beat himself up. and this is far from a hoax. ♪ if i could then i would ♪ >> reporter: lead singer, alex band of the calling, best moan
7:36 am
for his band's song "wherever you will go," said he was on ducted, beaten and robbed on sunday. >> how do you know he's kidnapped? >> because he's bleeding all over the place and i found him on the side of the road. >> reporter: that's band's manager, moments after he found the singer beaten. >> i was pulled by my shirt back. and two guys grabbed my -- each of my arms. just pulled me into the van. and they clubbed my face with a police baton. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a triumphant weekend for the 32-year-old star, who is staging a comeback for his band. though he was only the original member. the new band seen in this video, headlining the music festival. now, the singer is facing questions about the timing of the attack, which occurred five days after the calling's comeback was announced. some wondering if this was a hoax to get attention. >> questions are coming out, is this a coincidence? or could it be more? >> reporter: band insists the
7:37 am
attack, which his publicist says left him with a fractured spine, 15 stitches in his lower chin, and three broken teeth, was very real. telling cnn, the whole hoax thing is honestly kind of disgusting to think about or hear. band admits he began to cry, as he begged the men to spare his life. >> you do not need to go to the extent of killing me and making a child not have a father. and it's your lucky day. and he kicked me out of the car. and they drove off. >> reporter: band's new rock/pop group is on the verge of signing a major record deal and setting up a worldwide tour. the pierre, michigan, police only say they are investigating the incident. >> it's a bit of a mystery. >> it is mystery. >> everybody's okay. let's get the weather from sam. we're going to start with an earth cam view of st. louis. gorgeous shot from st. louis. and by the way, they haven't been 90 degrees in 2 weeks
7:38 am
there. new york since july 20th. we point that out because running from july into august, it's the hottest time of the year. but it hasn't been for part of the country. it's stayed solidly in the low 80s. in comes the warmer air. take a look -- breathe and slow down. take a look at st. louis at 89 degrees. memphis, about 19. that heat is spreading east. by the time we get to new york and washington, d.c., chicagoland, wednesday into thursday, those numbers are m co-ing up a little bit. we'll get back into the 90s, if you've been waiting for that kind of thing. quick look at the big board. we're talking about the very heavy rain in the southeast. still have the tropical moisture. good morning. i'm mike nicco. the threat of a storm is still out there today. our temperatures will range from about 64 at the coast to 91 inland. so fire danger today, continues tomorrow, a little warmer thursday and friday, before a
7:39 am
>> good morning, dallas-ft. worth, about 97 degrees. all of that weather was brought to you by target. >> love that st. louis picture. coming up, the cost of winning on "the price is right." why one contestant says it may not be worth it. and julianna and bill rancic not be worth it. and julianna and bill rancic reveal how they make it work. ♪ ♪ ♪ but a good morning? that's defined by you.
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welcome back. it's 7:42. and we have a story on one of the most popular game shows on tv, "the price is right." after all of the excitement of winning, it turns out that sometimes, there are a lot of headaches and strings attached. and the strings attached go right to the irs. abc's brandi hitt has the story. >> come on down. you're the next contestant on "the price is right." >> reporter: it's the moment game show dreams are made of. getting called on down on "the price is right." imagine andrea's excitement when she made it into the final round, the show case showdown. and then, won. but schwartz says that excitement gave way to frustration, when she realized that in addition to local and federal tax, california law required her to pay state income tax on her $33,000 prize, before she could even claim her winnings. >> i remember having an image of
7:44 am
driving off in my convertible with a stack of cash. and waving off to bob barker. and that never happened. >> reporter: the price is right" had no comment overnight. but experts say the irs considers prizes and giveaways taxable income for all tv contestants and guests. >> they make claim surprise when they win because they never expected to win. but the fact is, it is taxable. and you're usually told in advance that it's taxable. >> reporter: one famous example, audience members at this oprah winfrey show received brand-new pontiacs, only to learn they'd have to pay $7,000 each in taxes. they were reportedly given the option of forfeit the prize. a policy shared by "price is right" and throughout the industry. as for schwartz, she chose to sell most of the prizes for less than they were worth because they didn't fit in her apartment. but she still walked away with enough money to start her own
7:45 am
food truck and a priceless lesson learned. >> if you're broke, don't go to a game show expecting to win. you need a little bit of money to get your wins. >> reporter: for "good morning america," brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. >> that's a pretty great lesson right there. >> yep. i think so. >> maybe the game show should pony up and pay the irs. >> yeah. >> you go, vargas. >> just saying. if you win, you should win. >> you should win. i agree. >> well, i think -- >> kumbaya. we all agree. >> we all agree. coming up, everybody, lady gaga's appearance on "gma," we had a great morning yesterday. it was a show-stopper. now, we have a secret to reveal to you. and it's not about the elevator that we got stuck in. it's about her dazzling dress. and by the way, look at this picture. it's a perfectly good tourism helicopter flying towards the statue of liberty. or is it? fly it, freeze it, break it. we'll be right back.
7:46 am
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7:50 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> and your josh update. he's awake this morning. i don't know that he's feeling much better. but he's awake this morning. yeah. when that back goes -- woo. >> oh, it's bad. >> stars in his eyes. let's do "the play of the day." so, hovering 75 feet above the hudson river is a helicopter. and you know what? the doors maybe are open. but it's perfectly fine. why would you want to get out? i wouldn't. but orlando duque apparently does. and this is all part of a dive, 75 feet into the water. yeah. this is all part of a diving world series, making its only stop in the u.s. it's red bull is the sponsor of that. this sunday in boston. >> going into the crown. >> where the athletes will dive from the rooftop from the institute of contemporary art in boston. lara, the dive, a 9?
7:51 am
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. pittsburgh police are investigating a home invasion/robbery. it happened around 10:00 last night on bending willow way. two men forced their way in through a second-story window while two young children were inside along with their mother. the men demanded cash and valuables from the woman, who complied. mike has the forecast. >> thank you very much, eric. good morning, everybody. you can see a thunderstorm, possible thunderstorm rolling across heading up towards clear lake and lake port over the next hour or so. it's the only game in town right now. temperature from 66 at half moon bay to about 90 to in antioch and livermore. another thunderstorm threat tomorrow.
7:57 am
leyla? good news. no accidents reported out there, so slick conditions not just yet, but we have this incident at auto mall parkway westbound, all lanes blocked at fremont due to an injury accident. farther to the north on northbound 880 at
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ on the edge of glory [ cheers and applause ] what a crowd this morning in times square. happy crowd out there, as well. and we're having a great week already. yesterday, lady gaga was up on the roof. right there. and the story, you may not know. you hinted at this a little while ago. we almost didn't make it to the roof. >> seconds away. george and i and gaga and her people, got into an elevator and got stuck. if it wasn't for scottie, the stage manager, we wouldn't have made it. >> pried the doors open with his hands, right? >> that sounds like a panic attack for me. >> i almost didn't get into the elevator because gaga's bodyguard, who was about
8:01 am
6'10" -- >> who are you? >> i'm the host of the show. >> and he blushed after that. >> it was an insanely amazing day. it was really exciting. and happy to have you back, sam. and josh, who i know is watching, feel better, josh. gaga lit up twitter for hours with her blockbuster appearance. she dazzled in that white dress. and you'll never believe what it was made out of. i thought it was made of what we are about to tell you. >> i'm a little surprised. how does that go together? it is risky. >> don't get wet. >> that's your hint. also ahead, we have the first pictures of kate and will and baby george. they are breaking new ground for the royal family. the story behind the photos taken by kate's dad. and what is next as kate and william make their own rules for raising a king? i'm glad to see it. >> they're normal. and i will always think of
8:02 am
her as blossom. you probably have a more current television that she's on that you think about. goes very public with her divorce. and she says that, you know -- she's famous for attachment parents. but she's talking about the last two years of her marriage because it may help other women. >> she puts everything out there. >> yeah. she's right out there. let's get news first. josh, nursing that bad back. elizabeth vargas is in. and we begin with a health scare for vice president joe biden's youngest son, beau biden, is undergoing tests at a hospital in houston. doctors want to know why beau felt weak and disoriented while on vacation last week. biden suffered a mild stroke three years ago. evacuation orders have been lifted around sun valley, idaho, even though a wildfire is considered out of control. it could go from one extreme to the other today. officials say thunderstorms in the area could actually bring
8:03 am
flooding. overseas, now, to egypt, where uncertainty reigns amid the threat of further deadly violence. overnight, security forces detained the head of egypt's muslim brotherhood. the president of ousted president mohamed morsi. the obama administration tells us that no change has been made when it comes to provides more than $1 billion a year in aid to egypt. san diego's embattled mayor is expected back at work today. bob filner is accused of inappropriate behavior by at least 16 women. he was in a closed-door meeting yesterday, which reportedly included talks of his potential resignation. stunning details about lyme disease. health officials say the cases is ten-times higher than reported. the illness is spread by deer ticks, about the size of a poppy seed. it affects 300,000 people every year. >> and finally, here's a chance
8:04 am
to relive your childhood. a company called high roller usa is now selling big wheels for grown-ups. yeah. it's made for riders 5'2" to 6'6" and can weigh up to pounds. it also has a grown-up price tack of $599. i hasten to add, that the big wheel for grown-ups has the bell and handlebar tassels. >> didn't know we had such big wheel fans here. >> did you have a big wheel? >> of course i did. but i don't want another one. >> go for it. i feel "pop news" coming. i knew, racing down broadway. >> i love it. >> "pop news."
8:05 am
i almost threw the blonde -- this is very exciting news, everybody. it's been a decade since 'n sync said "bye-bye bye." we may be able to say hello to the boy band again this sunday. justin timberlake, as you may know, is slated to receive the michael jackson video vanguard award. and to onner him, sources telling "the new york post," that the other members of the band will join him on stage for a performance. "no strings attached." it would be the band's first live performance since the 2003 grammy awards. >> that's a big deal. >> a big deal. it was revealed exclusively. gaga opening the video music awards. big show. >> if people really love it, could they do more? >> i don't know. >> he's doing so well as a solo artist. >> but a boy can dream. >> there you go. also in "pop news," everybody, robert de niro.
8:06 am
celebrating his 70th birthday. happy birthday, robert. he had a couple of wise guys at his party. samuel l. jackson tweeted this picture of his pals, christopher walken, harvey keitel. the event was catered by nobu, which de niro owns. keith richards was there. bradley cooper. leo dicaprio. and lenny kravitz performed live. so, that is how you do a birthday. i know, yeah. >> yeah. and finally in "pop news," the folks at tumblr noticed a lot of people, a lot of people, take pictures when they're on vacation, of their legs. you may have done it, too. there you go. so, they have started a page. they want to know if you -- they decided to do what website would do. a page dedicated to hot dog
8:07 am
legs. they're asking viewers which are legs and which are weiners poised in relaxing settings. oh, no. what's that? >> i don't -- what is that? >> just strawberries, lara. >> hmm. >> i can't tell -- >> i've always been the toes shot. the feet -- i never thought of taking the knees from the -- >> i know. they think they look like hot dogs. sense the page that's gone viral, you have to guess which are hot dogs and which are legs. i said to tom, it was treacherous, the executive producer. and he said, no. the hot dog legs. >> there you go. now, let's try a little bit of weather. tom loved it. in the control room. everybody's happy. we should institute the control room camera, like we do for "gma live!" just so we can see how happy they are up there sometimes.
8:08 am
>> or not. >> or not happy. let's get to the boards. one or two things to talk about. we're going to start with the southwest weather, by the way. here comes that area of low pressure. moving into the west. and that's going to be a good news thing for getting moisture in the air for areas that need some moisture. where you have burned out areas and you get rain on top of it, you get flooding and mudslides immediately. and all of this rain isn't going to the places that need it. it's not really helpful in a lot of locations. here's another place that's getting rain that doesn't need it. tallahassee has been getting soaked. montgomery, all the way to atlanta, and into the carolinas. raleigh, we know how difficult it's been. and good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. still a chance of a thunderstorm today and tomorrow, but a smaller chance than what we dealt with yesterday, and as long as that chance is out there, the fire danger
8:09 am
continues. we'll have cooler highs as we head towards the weekend. here's your temperatures for today. mid to upper 60s along the coast into san francisco. mid-70s to 80 around the bay. we'll have some mid-80s in the south bay and near 90 in the east bay valleys. tonight, temperatures in the 50s an >> i see there is a band set up in the studio this morning. what is that about? here's a look at what's coming up in our "gma morning menu." baby george's first photos. the story behind the family snapshots from will and kate. and lady gaga's dress. if you liked it or didn't like it, everybody wanted to know what it was all about. and tv star, is it mayim bailik, blossom to so many of us. now, sharing so much about her divorce. hoping to help other women out right now. all that and so much more, coming up live on "good morning
8:10 am
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8:14 am
♪ i'm glad you came a lot going on out there on broadway this morning. big, happy crowd, as always. we're back, now, with the "gma" heat index, the hottest stories trending right now. starting with the royal snapshots. these pictures of baby george and more. victoria murphy, the royal reporter for "the daily mirror." lots of excitement about this in
8:15 am
the states. how about over in london? >> yeah. well, there's a lot of excitement over here this morning. i mean, these pictures are dominating the news agenda over here. and everyone's very excited because this is the first time that we have seen prince george since the day after he was born. there's huge excitement here. the first time that we have seen him. and everyone is very excited to see how he is developing. >> well, he looks pretty cute, to all of us over here. i guess the father-in-law, kate's dad, getting a little heat for his photo skills? >> well, yes. i mean, what's really unusual about these pictures and the couple decided to shun an official formal photographer. and they decided they wanted a family member, michael middleton stood up to the plate to take the first official pictures of prince george. and what's really nice about that is i think they have managed to create this kind of really nice, close kind of family feel. and it's a very natural
8:16 am
photograph that i think we get. and that's because a family member has taken it. however, michael middleton has come under fire a little bit for the pictures, yes. photographers have been up in arms about the fact that he shot into the light, which is apparently a sin. and they're saying the pictures are a little fuzzy. and he managed to lob off the nose of one of the dogs. i dare to think that people weren't very happy about. but the overwhelming feeling here, actually, is that these pictures have created a natural feel. that's something the couple were very keen to do. >> that seems to be the theme as we saw prince william and everything he's done, putting the car seat, and that interview he gave yesterday, trying to give a sense of normality. here's a little bit of the interview. >> he's a little bit of a rascal. we'll put it that way. he kind of reminds me of my brother or me when we were younger. he likes to keep his napy changed. >> i did the first nappy.
8:17 am
it was a badge of honor. >> on instagram, if he used instagram, you can put a filter on the picture. and brighten it up. darken the background. >> i love the pictures. >> fantastic. victoria, we have a few seconds left. before we go. you had a baby, little isabel, right about the same time as kate. we don't want to deprive you. let's show the picture. little isabel, fiance, gary. >> and your lighting is perfect. >> victoria, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. and burning up our "heat index," lady gaga in the show-stopping appearance right here on "good morning america." she looked stunning. and more minimalist. very elegant, as she pulled up in the cadillac. she gave us the world premiere of her video, "applause." and sent the social
8:18 am
twittersphere, and lighting it up. the dress had people buzzing. what was it made of? we'll reveal. thanks to linzie janis. >> reporter: the hair, the car, the makeup, it said old hollywood glamour. but the dress, that was all-gaga. this is understated gaga. the singer greeting her fans outside our studio monday, wearing this white-hot ensemble. the look, all part of lady gaga's giant launch of her new single, "applause," after a broken hip kept her from performing for seven months. twitter was on fire. the white dress was the best today, one person wrote. another tweeting, she looked ab fab in her dress and caddie. the designer of that look, 22-year-old mathieu mirano. he's one of the youngest and brightest stars. and he created it from one of
8:19 am
the most unlikely materials. >> it's paper. >> reporter: that's right. the dress, the bra, everything down to the gloves. >> she was wearing paper panties. >> reporter: this is what gaga's dress is made out of? >> yes, it is. there was a special strong paper that we really wanted to use. and that works best for the ensemble. you can't rip this paper. which is why we chose it for her because it's so resistant to how much pressure can be put on it. >> reporter: how long did it take to make it. from concept to execution, it was over 100 hours. >> reporter: mirano designed some of the outfits in the "applause" video. >> we're wearing the niecklace, of sorts. >> reporter: the video wracked up 25 million views in 24 hours. for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> she looked -- yeah.
8:20 am
she's not the only one that wears a mean paper dress. we found somebody else. >> scottie. scottie. >> this is why she used a designer and paper that doesn't tear and didn't get her dress from "gma." >> what happens if she gets caught in the rain? >> it has a coating on top of it. >> it was -- not that i was tearing at the dress or anything. but the gloves were made out of the same thing. you could feel that there's almost a water-proof coating of it. >> a dress made out of meat. and a dress made out of paper. >> and i asked her about the vmas. she said, i've been thinking about it for a year. want to thank liz from props. i want to ask you, scottie, to put it down. we're going to turn to tv star mayim bailik. she's using her blog as a public
8:21 am
therapy during her divorce. it's been, after a nine-year marriage, saying she wants to help other women going through the same thing. abc's abbie boudreau has more on the story. ♪ don't know about the future >> reporter: mayim bailik blossomed from a child star, to an emmy-nominated actress, for the hit comedy, "the big bang theory." >> that's enough. >> reporter: congratulations on your emmy nomination. >> thank you. >> reporter: superexciting. now, the 37-year-old actress and mother of two, young boys, is revealing new insights about her divorce. after nine years of marriage, blogging about the spiritual and emotional toll it's taken. >> i cried when i wrote all of those posts. i cried when i wrote every, single one of them. >> reporter: she remains silent about what led to the breakup. but blogs she was scared, conflicted and wrote, i sometimes wish this wasn't my life. i want to know what you meant by that. >> i think it often surprises
8:22 am
people when celebrities do express very complicated, deep and negative feelings. like, i wish this wasn't my life. just because i'm an actor, i can still have those complicated emotions. and i do. >> reporter: bailik also made headlines last year on "gma," defending her controversial approach to motherhood called attachment parenting. which encourages extended breast-feeding. and for parents to co-sleep with their children in the same bed. bailik says her youngest son breast fed off and on until he was 4 1/2, which critics say could impact a marriage. >> i don't feel like i'm sacrificing my sanity. my mental health. i'm not laying my marriage on an altar. >> reporter: what about people who think that attachment parenting has something to do with your divorce? >> there's all sorts of marriages. people break up for all sorts of reasons. we don't need to blame attachment parenting for this one. >> reporter: the actor says her attachment parenting may have
8:23 am
help her sons better cope with divorce. >> i think in a positive way, makes them amenable to understanding the complexity of human relationships, you know, people have said, wow. you did like an attachment parenting divorce. and it's interesting. i thought, like, it's a title for a book. >> reporter: or perhaps another blog. >> i try to present things as they are, with a notion of a possibility for a future. and i guess that is what hope is. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> the vast majority of celebrities keep quiet when they're going through divorce. this is unusual to have somebody blog about it so openly. they underwent a legal divorce. but in the jewish faith had to go through a religious divorce and talks extensively about that. they had to sit together with the rabbi and explain why they're breaking up. i think it helps you put a punctuation point. i don't know. it's extraordinary, though.
8:24 am
she has been candid about it. >> very open. very honest. friday, one of the hottest bands in the world is going to be at our party in the park in central park. and you can pick their playlist, by the way. the wanted will be here. how you choose songs they sing on friday, take a look how the wanted got so huge so fast. ♪ tonight, we own the night >> reporter: it's the slick moves. ♪ she walks like -- >> reporter: and sultry voices. ♪ continue we'll be playing with lightning ♪ >> reporter: tom, max, siva, jake, are the wanted. ♪ glad you came >> reporter: the u.k. band rose to worldwide stardom in 2012, with their smash hit, "glad you came." selling over 3 million copies in the u.s. alone. ♪ i'm glad you came >> reporter: the follow-up singles, "chasing the sun," "i found you." ♪ i found you
8:25 am
>> reporter: both hit number one on billboard's hot dance club songs chart. >> everything to be a successful boy band. they have catchy songs. they're a little edgier, a little more dangerous, in a way that thrills people. >> reporter: the five-man supergroup are profiled in an e! reality series, "the wanted life." and sat down with ryan seacrest to talk about their rise to fame. >> we did a radio talk. we got in the same clothes we left. when we came off the tour bus, the american view was totally different. >> reporter: with the new album "word of mouth" out next month, and the latest single, "we own the night," owning the charts -- the wanted always leaves fans wanting more. >> i think everyone has expectations for this album. ♪ tonight, we own the night >> i love that song.
8:26 am
>> isn't it great? >> yeah. they have some great songs. you can help the wanted choose their playlist for our party in the park. if you go to on yahoo! here are the choices. "chasing the sun. "i found you." "all time low." or all three of them. we could blow out the set list. why can't they do that? >> yeah. people should tune in. a lot of times they will do another. >> our friday in the park. there's a lot coming up, by the way, still. the hot list, we may be working from heat into something else. but behind the scenes, country music star, keith urban, light the fuse tour. we'll take you behind the scenes. and iron chef mark is here. there's steak involved.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. san jose police are investigating a triple shooting that's left one man dead. it happened shortly after 10:00 last night at a restaurant on alan rock avenue. police say the shooter fired from outside through the window. there were about 15 people inside the restaurant at the time. three of them were hit. one man was rushed to the hospital where he died early today. the other two suffered leg wounds and are expected to survive. no word yet from investigators on suspects or a motive in that shooting. check the tuesday morning traffic. here's leyla gulen. >> multiple vehicle accident in san jose. also in solano county. but this one northbound along highway 85 at almaden expressway is blocking lanes and causing delays as you come up on 87. it continues to be slow as you head in the northbound
8:28 am
direction. just before you get to the carquinez, westbound side of 80 coming out of vallejo, multiple vehicles there, as well, including a big rig. >> when we come
8:29 am
good morning. we still have a high fire danger until 11:00 for the east bay hills, valleys, diablo range, santa cruz mountains, then it shifts to the north through 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. all right. one low storm moving towards
8:30 am
hidden valley lake, clear lake, but it is falling apart right now. let's look at your accuweather seven-da ♪ we don't have to live this way ♪ ♪ baby, why don't you stay ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh that is the amazing voice -- her hit song, "stay," from her band sugarland. about to release her first album. with a voice like that, i need more. i need more and more. >> you're going to get more. >> right now.
8:31 am
learn a lot more about what mark forgione is cooking up today. the tomahawk chop. and we'll get to that in a little bit. and we want to give a special shoutout to one of our friends. a special note to kerry washington. you may have heard about "scandal." she's also co-chairing this year's gay, lesbian, and education network respect awards out in l.a. she's a terrific, terrific friend. >> yes, she is. and doing a great thing. there's so much hate and negative being spread to these kids. somebody who is going to take time to give them some respect is a great thing. she's going to be alongside l.a. galaxy soccer player, robbie rogers. it takes place at the beverly hills hotel, september 18th. right now, we get up close
8:32 am
and personal with giuliana and bill rancic. and bianna golodryga has found out their relationship right now is stronger than ever. >> reporter: they're reality show red carpet darlings. giuliana's drama has played out for all to see. for their struggle to have a baby. to her struggle with breast cancer. >> we've had some of the darkest days of our lives. your life. to some of the greatest days of our lives. >> we would never trade it for anything. it's been incredible. >> reporter: after undergoing multiple in vitro treatments, and a mammogram revealed shocking news. an aggressive form of breast cancer. >> i would be pounding the floor, going why? why? why is this happening to me? and thinking that i was going to die. >> reporter: but then, just months after undergoing a double-mastectomy, giuliana and
8:33 am
bill welcomed baby drew to their family, via surrogacy. >> it's a lot of work. before we decide on baby number two, we want to make sure we can do it. >> reporter: a growing family would be a dream come true. something they longed for ever since they first met on e! when she interviewed him. >> do you have a girlfriend? >> well, not at the moment, no. >> what? >> not at the moment. >> really? >> yeah. >> really? >> i'm holding out. >> for what? >> i'm holding out for you? >> he so knows i wanted him to say that. >> reporter: just like that, he asked her out. >> i said -- that would be great, too. and we were engaged eight months later. >> reporter: their strong relationship is practically unheard of in reality tv, where many couples don't survive. >> that's why i love him. >> reporter: how do you keep the marriage working? >> i think the difference between us and a lot of the other couples is from the beginning our foundation was very strong. and as the season passes, it's
8:34 am
easier to do the show. we get it. we get there's cameras around. we never, ever cut anything out of the show. if i look like crap without my makeup, i don't care. we put everything in the show. >> reporter: now, this powerhouse couple are both best-selling authors. and bill announced a contest to help america rejuvenate small businesses. >> this year, we are granting one small business a commercial in the biggest football game of the year. >> reporter: wow. the super bowl. >> all-expense paid commercial. >> reporter: the most important project is parenthood. little duke lights up their day, every day. >> when i look at her and duke, we have a real family. >> reporter: for "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news, los angeles. >> you can see more tonight on "nightline." right now, let's get a final check of weather with sam. >> i was moving things around, george, trying to get behind the fence. and i almost messed up the whole
8:35 am
planting thing. it's your birthday. tell me your name. >> my name is terry holmes. i'm from colorado springs, colorado. >> happy birthday. we got another one. it's your birthday, too? >> yes. i'm alexis from southern california. >> alexis, happy birthday to both of you. all right. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to share with you. as we start with a little picture out of california with the lightning. this has been an issue for a lot of folks, in places that caused heavy rain. you want rain in the drier areas. we're getting a lot of lightning and not a lot of moisture. and the other shot, a new york city rainbow. new york, if you feel like you haven't been 90 degrees in a while, you're right. you'll get there on wednesday. washington, d.c., you have. you've been on the warm side. you're going back to the 90s, as well. warming up on the eastern seaboard. how do you feel about that? would you like it warmer? i'm looking at you, ma'am. good morning.
8:36 am
i'm mike nicco. the threat of a storm is still out there today. our temperatures will range from about 64 at the coast to 91 inland. so fire danger today, continues tomorrow, a little warmer thursday and >> all of america's weather is brought to you by thomas' english muffin. now, let's move to keith urban. a four-time grammy winner. now, his light the fuse tour, about to announce what cities he's going to make in the final leg of that tour. only abc's rachel smith went on the road with him, to get a behind-the-scenes look and give you the info. >> are you ready? ♪ going to be a long summer >> reporter: with electric guitar solos -- ♪ movie star good looks.
8:37 am
and that voice -- ♪ you have to know it's worth to do ♪ >> reporter: keith urban has legions of fans, including this one. ♪ and i love you trust me ♪ >> reporter: i went behind the scenes, as the four-time grammy winner prepared to hit the stage in raleigh, north carolina, on his whirlwind, light the fuse tour. the show is a musical rollercoaster, along with urb urban's signature journey out into the crowd. >> we journey out in the middle of everybody. and the energy is indescribable. >> reporter: number one hits and new tracks off his upcoming album, "fuse." ♪ i just want to live >> reporter: does the family give you inspiration these days? >> they inspire so much of what i do. >> reporter: in particular with the album? >> they hear everything. you know. nick's hearing all of the songs
8:38 am
as they're coming in. >> reporter: nick would be nicole kid nmakidman, urban's w seven years. they have three daughters. do you get nervous when you hit that stage? >> i love it even more so. >> reporter: why? >> we have more songs now. i mean, that's like the dream of dreams. when you're playing in a cover band six nights a week, doing four acts a night, and doing everybody's music by your own, i don't know any musician that would say i would love to do my own songs and have everybody sing along. to get to that point now, it's euphoric. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rachel smith, abc news, raleigh, north carolina. >> urban's new album is "fuse." you can get it september 10th. for information on his light that fuse tour, go to
8:39 am on yahoo! check out the website. mark forgione likes everything big. the biggest carrots i've ever seen. and the biggest steak is getting cooked up on that table. we're coming right back.
8:40 am
8:41 am
[ cheers and applause ] we have a real treat this morning. mark forgione, chef and owner of american cut, one of the most
8:42 am
famous steak houses in the country. we're looking at his emotional win on "the iron chef." >> look how young i look. he's here to make his tomahawk ribeye chop. this is the tomahawk chop. how -- a family of four? seriously. >> i've seen one person take this down by themselves. >> one person ate that entire steak? >> i've seen a couple guys. and seen one woman do this. >> a woman did this? my hat's off to her. how do you prepare this? this is a big piece of meat. >> this is our signature cut at the new restaurant, american cut, which is opening in trib a tribeca. >> your second one. >> we are going to be opening up in tribeca. we like to season the steak with big salt. >> rock salt. >> it gives you a nice little crunch.
8:43 am
>> you put it on both sides? >> you eat both sides, right? >> true. >> always season both sides. >> because it's thick, you put more of it on? >> you put more than you think. all the way in the middle, you don't have it. one of the tricks, you want to make sure the thing is hot. >> olive oil in a pan. >> that's what you want to hear. >> sizzling. >> another kind of trick. when you're cooking meat, don't touch it. don't play with it. >> put it on the pan. >> leave it go. >> you're trying to sear the outside, right? >> in about 15 minutes, you get that. >> look at that. that looks great. he's wielding the meat. okay. >> from here, you put it into a low oven. this is something a lot of home cooks don't know. everybody pay attention. a little bit of butter. a little bit of garlic. a little bit of thyme. now, you put the flavor on to the steak. >> oh, my gosh. wow. that smells amazing. >> this is one of the secrets at american cut, is this is what we
8:44 am
call the mop. we finish every one of our steaks with it. >> want a little mop? >> oh. >> yeah. >> okay. >> you also have amazing sides here. glazed carrots. >> this is a carrot glazed carrot. >> carrot glazed with carrot juice, orange juice, sugar. and one of my favorite herbs that i don't just use in pastry, is mint. >> i love mint. wow. >> it turns into this. a little bit of honey. a little bit of brown sugar. you can see it's almost like candy. >> wow. >> it does taste like candy. >> this is what i want to try. the spinach. sun spinach with bacon and egg. >> this is our creamed spinach. but there's no cream in it. we make a puree, a little garlic. and my second love in the world is bacon.
8:45 am
we put a little bacon on top. >> this is so fantastic. it's amazing. and not very high in calorie, right? >> no, no. >> you're going to help that for me. you can get the recipes for the amazing food dishes at on yahoo! get thes redies. on yahoo! jennifer nettles, coming up live.
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ i want to be what a morning here on "good morning america." and it is so great to have country music superstar, jennifer nettles, joining us. one half of sugarland. going solo. her first solo album is called "that girl." and i love that name. we're going to hear the first singling off the album in a minute. first, want to catch up with you. it's been a while. >> it's been a while. >> what made you decide to venture solo? and what's the feel?
8:48 am
>> it's something i've been wanting to do for quite a while. been writing about three years and steering my ship in that direction. i wanted to do something that sounded different, that allowed my fans to see something more personal and intimate. >> this is big. rick ruben produced this. kind of big. jay z, among many others he has worked with. what was that experience like? and what did he pull out of you that's different? >> it's lib ratting. it was really liberating to work with him. it was a wonderful exercise to trust somebody that's capable and vulnerable at the same time for me. a song writer, saying what is your vision? it was a wonderful exercise that way. and he's brilliant at choosing players and at guiding the sessions. yeah. >> so excited to hear the whole album. >> i can't wait for you to hear it. >> it comes out in january. the single "that girl" is out now. i want to hear you sing. and congratulations on 8-month-old little magnus.
8:49 am
>> he's so precious. >> i'll bet motherhood, we'll hear some of that come out in that. >> you'll hear some of that, on the album. not in this song. but on the album, you'll hear it, for sure. >> without further ado, jennifer nettles "that girl." ♪ whoa, whoa whoa, whoa ♪ ♪ whoa, whoa ♪ see i always can't unlock you ♪ ♪ i want to have you back there's a good chance ♪ ♪ by the time you hear this the story's gonna say ♪ ♪ that i came on to him but it was never quite that way ♪ ♪ i knew he was good-looking maybe too good to be true ♪
8:50 am
♪ when he kissed me in that alley ♪ ♪ i could tell it wasn't you ♪ ♪ i don't want to be that girl with your guy ♪ ♪ to fool you make you cry ♪ ♪ wreck it for one night to be with someone ♪ ♪ he should be with you i don't want the headlines ♪ ♪ so i called you to explain why ♪ ♪ i wound up with your guy and i don't want to be ♪ ♪ that girl oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ i know boys can be promiscuous that's just what they do ♪ ♪ but when it involves the both of us ♪ ♪ i'm up in this, too
8:51 am
i thought i called to ♪ ♪ tell you that it was never in my plan ♪ ♪ i'm not the scarlet devil i don't want to take your man ♪ ♪ imagine how surprised i was when he got up to leave ♪ ♪ it wasn't my name on his lips ♪ ♪ he didn't call for me he didn't say jolene ♪ ♪ i don't want to be that girl ♪ ♪ with your guy to fool you ♪ ♪ make you cry wreck it all for one night ♪ ♪ to be with him when he should be with you ♪ ♪ i don't want the dirty looks the headlines ♪ ♪ i called you and played right ♪ ♪ i wound up with your guy ♪ ♪ when i don't really want him ♪ ♪ we know how the moral of the story goes ♪
8:52 am
♪ becareful what you reap because you reap what you sew ♪ ♪ he's being that guy i don't want to be that girl ♪ ♪ with your guy to fool you ♪ ♪ make you cry wreck it all ♪ ♪ for one night to be with him ♪ ♪ when he should be with you ♪ i don't want the dirty looks the headlines ♪ ♪ i called you explain why ♪ ♪ i wound up with your guy i don't want to be that girl ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh, oh ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you very much.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
jennifer nettles, thank you. we cannot wait for that. that is so great. >> thank you. >> and more great music. we're counting down to our huge party in the park friday. the wanted will be with us. it's big. you get to choose what songs they sing. vote online on on yahoo! >> that's right. ethan hawke, and gill sims and her cooking opinion have a great day, everyone.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. it was a spectacular sight as lightning lit up skies around the bay area. almost 15,000 lightning strikes were recorded overnight. fire officials are warning that lightning could pose a fire threat. more now from meteorologist mike nicco. yeah, until 11:00. we still have the voouz mountains, east bay hills, east bay valleys and the diablo range under that fire threat. now through 5:00 tomorrow afternoon the north bay will see the higher fire danger. we have a couple of storms trying to head up towards clear lake. otherwise it's pretty quiet outside. a stray storm is definitely possible today and tomorrow but nothing like last night. leyla? as we look right now, we shot some footage of a horrific crash earlier this morning. now, this is on auto mall
9:00 am
parkway near fremont boulevard. lanes still announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, late night talk show host, jimmy kimmel. plus, things get wild when we try the animal flow, workout. and we'll show you more memorable moments and show you how to win a tripsee our to see show. ll next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪

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